Multi-State Research and Data Analytics 

Using detailed research and predictive analytics, we constantly track potential changes in Unclaimed Property statutes, regulations, and case laws so you, our client, never have to.

Unclaimed property statutes, regulations, and case law are constantly changing and evolving, creating business risk and opportunity. We continuously monitor this activity at state and federal levels for its impact on you. By having us tracking potential changes from their inception, you are not caught by surprise and can proactively adjust to minimize the impact or maximize the benefit.

Client or state specific issues can be researched to ensure valid and defensible positions for treating a category of unclaimed property or one-off instances.

Research results often affect the way in which unclaimed property is or is not reported. Our research coupled with predictive analytics applied to your data determines how much is escheated and how much property is exempted or returned to owners. It is these analytics that help distinguish Barganier & Associates.