Did You Receive a Letter?

Barganier and Associates, LLC manages unclaimed property reporting responsibilities for client companies. Part of this process includes sending letters to property owners, such as yourself, in an attempt to reunite the property with the owner before giving it to a state as unclaimed property.

If Barganier does not receive your response by the due date on the letter, you will have to make a claim with your state's unclaimed property office. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators has links to every state's unclaimed property office. It may take the states up to six months before the property is listed in the databases for you to claim.

Step 1 : Review

Review your own records to see if the money is owed to you. If you do not believe that the money is owed to you, please check whichever box is appropriate, such as the check was cashed, the check is not due and owning, or the amount was applied to your account. If you believe that the money is owed to you, please check the box that says the amount is owed to us.

Step 2: SIgn & FIll

Sign and fill in the information on the bottom of the form, in case we need to contact you about your response. Please be sure to update your address if it has changed from the address at the top of the letter. Social security numbers (SSN), if requested, are only required if you are requesting money from our client company.

Step 3: Return

Scan and email


(404) 806-4339


Due Diligence
Barganier and Associates, LLC
PO Box 467907
Atlanta, GA 31146

California State Controller Letters

If you received a letter from Betty Yee (formerly John Chiang) of the California State Controller that states a business has reported that they have money that appears to belong to you and that you must contact the company to receive the money, please follow these instructions:

If you believe that the money is owed to you or your business, please write a letter to us stating that you wish to claim the money. Please include a valid mailing address for our client company to send you a check. If you are claiming on behalf of a business, please use company letterhead and include documentation showing authorization for you to claim it on behalf of the business. Send a copy of the California letter with your letter, as it contains information necessary for us to identify the check or credit in question.

To return the letter to us, you may scan and email to duedil@barganier.net, fax to (404) 806-4339, or mail to

Due Diligence
Barganier and Associates, LLC
PO Box 467907
Atlanta, GA 31146

California letters must be received by Barganier no later than May 31. All letters received after May 31 will be late. After that date, you will need to request the property from the State of California.


Q: I need more information regarding the check.

A: Barganier and Associates does not have any additional information regarding the check, rebate, or invoice. All information is contained on the letter we send you. If you are a current employee, vendor, or customer of the client company, you may contact the company for more information.

Q: I have sent in a letter saying the money is owed to me. When will I get a check?

A: You should receive the check within 6-8 weeks of Barganier receiving your letter.

Q: Is there any fee to claim this money?

A: No. There is no fee to you, as the owner of the property, to claim the money described in the letter.