Multi-State Agreements

Unclaimed property issues often arise that cross jurisdictional boundaries. Barganier and Associates can negotiate agreements with multiple states to resolve these complex issues, providing a clear resolution for our clients going forward. The Barganier team works with state unclaimed property administrators, attorney generals and other stakeholders for comprehensive settlements.

With most states, a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) is an effective method of resolving historical unclaimed property liabilities. If you have lapses in your annual compliance – or have not filed at all – Barganier & Associates performs the analysis, prepares the documentation, and leverages our relationships with state agencies for smooth submission and acceptance of VDAs as well as avoiding penalties and interest.

For some states, it is a disadvantage to file VDAs. They can be invitations to audits. We know those states and can help you to avoid falling into those traps.

News on VDAs and Multi-State Agreements: