Hurricane Sandy Crashes Unclaimed Property Deadline

First, we at Barganier and Associates hope that everyone in your family, friends, and offices are safe and sound.

The fall reporting cycle for unclaimed property has over 40 states' returns due on Wednesday, October 31, 2012, or Thursday, November 1, 2012. Many companies have already sent their reports in, but for those that are working on reports until the last second, Hurricane Sandy might have left you with open items on your to-do list. Fortunately, some states are extending deadlines for those that were affected by the Hurricane.

Deadline extended to December 1, 2012. If you are in the affected states, note on your report that it is delayed due to Hurricane Sandy. If you are outside the disaster zone, you will need to seek the extension upon request to the state unclaimed property office.

Due date extended to November 13, 2012, for those holders or their agents who were prevented from submitting their reports on October 31, 2012. A specific request, with explanation on specific circumstances, must be submitted with the report. This is NOT a blanket extension for everyone; this is only for those that were directly affected by this week's weather circumstances.

District of Columbia
Due date extended by seven days, for holders affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Requirement that extension be requested by November 1 is being waived. Holders and/or agents should contact the state immediately to discuss an extension up to 60 days.

Indiana is granting extensions of a reasonable amount of time, based on official emergency declarations. Contact the Unclaimed Property Department for more information.

30 day extension for those affected by the Hurricane. Holders must note on their report that it was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy.

Due date extended to November 15, 2012, for East Coast companies only.

A 60 day extension is available; if companies receive automatically generated interest notices, contact the office for a waiver.

30 day extension available to holders impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Holders are instructed to include a letter with their report indicating that the late filing was due to the Hurricane.

North Carolina
Due date extended till December 1, 2012. No forms are required.

Due date extended until November 15, 2012. Further extensions are available by completing forms requesting an extension.

Rhode Island
Due date extended to November 8, 2012 for all companies. More time is available for directly affected companies, if needed.

South Carolina
Due date extended to November 15, 2012, for affected companies and/or their agents.

Due date extended to December 1, 2012, upon email request by affected companies.

Due date extended to November 16, 2012, for holders in the Northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Due date extended to November 16, 2012, upon request by the holder.

30 day extension to those holders affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Oregon
Holders may seek an extension, as needed.

Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and North Dakota
Holders may seek an extension up to 30 days, by submitting a formal request to the state.

Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Vermont
General corporate filings are not affected, as these states' deadlines are at some other point in the year.

More updates as the states make their announcements...